Build your tree, print it, frame it, and hang it!

The Photo Family Tree Builder is the easiest way to create a family heirloom that displays the legacy of your family genealogy. Choose your favorite blossoming tree and place your family photos in the blooms.

Grandma & Child

Showcase your entire family in one display.

The Photo Family Tree Builder lets you:

  • Reveal your family history.
  • Track your extended family relationships according to your genealogy.
  • Showcase numerous generations in one place.

Features & Benefits


The mapping of your ancestors in a Photo Family Tree is an excellent way to help children understand their heritage. To gain knowledge about their great-grandparents and other relatives they never had the opportunity to meet. For adults, it can be an opportunity to immortalize deceased relatives.


Multiple canvas sizes, your choice of background, and 6 different trees each with their own leaf and flower frames that allow you to display generations of relatives in chronological order. This way, everyone will understand where they fit in.


A family member may have some marriages, divorces, and births. Regardless, the Builder’s design accommodates the growth and life event of your family.


Use the photographs you already have; edit them with our built-in cropping tool. Bring individuals together in a single frame or single out a family member from a crowd. If you do not have a picture of a family member, you can use a placeholder instead. The placeholder provides an inconspicuous and logical alternative to not having a snapshot. We usually use a leaf, heart, or love-knot non-picture frame to represent missing person's photograph. You can always update your tree later!

Universal appeal

A great conversation piece and family heirloom. Everyone wants to know where and from whom they came from. The Photo Family Tree Builder lets anyone visually explore from the roots to the newest little buds of your ever growing family.


There are two printing surfaces: mounted and unmounted. Mounted comes ready to hang. Unmounted allows you to finish your tree with your personal preferences: matting, framing, and a choice of your professional framer in your area. Showcase your family uniquely and attractively.

Products & Prices


Our printing vendor is offering our United States customers four exclusive poster printing options.  The vendor will distribute the posters throughout the continental US for your convenience.  Shipments outside the US, International Shipping, is not available at this time. 

  • Printing prices listed under Vendor "DETAILS" are a separate charge. 
    • You pay for the print option ONLY after you finish making your tree. 
    • State Sales Taxes included in the Print Option prices shown.
  • Shipping Information
    • Customers are offered Free Pickup at a store near them throughout the United States.
    • If a pickup location is not available in your area, our vendor can ship directly to you for a separate fee paid directly to them. 

*Prices shown for Tree's refer to the Photo Family Tree Plans only. 


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Mom, Dad & Children



Paternal Grandparents & Maternal Grandparents
Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren & Subsequent Generations



Paternal Grandparents & Maternal Grandparents




 All tree types.  All four tree plans included plus the ability to grow your tree continuously






16" x 20", 18" x 24", 20" x 24" & 24" x 36"

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A video is worth 1.8 million words..

So, what could the Photo Family Tree Builder mean to you?

The software could let you CUSTOMIZE a beautiful family tree; with this newly patented Graphical User Interface (GUI).  Using this one-of-a-kind GUI, you could map your family's history with photos; without difficulty.    Then, after making and sending your family tree file to FedEx for printing, the output becomes a witty piece of artwork.  You even have a text option for writing the names and dates, of each family member, on each frame for identification. Once your personalized wall art is complete, it could become a conversational piece.  Most importantly, your family tree will show where you fit in, and make you feel proud to hang it in your home.   Imagine your Photo Family Tree printed on one of these gorgeous surfaces arranged in chronological order.

When you create a Copper, Bronze or Silver Photo Family Tree; there is no research required when using these plans.  Chances are you already possess all the photos you need to complete any of these three family tree projects, without any research at all.

The Photo Family Tree Builder is easy, fun and straightforward to use.  Just add the family pictures you already have in your possession.  Utilize photos from your photo albums for instance.  If you do not have a particular photo of a family member, contact your kinfolks who do.   Ask for a copy.  Scan or get them into your computer, and then import them into the Builder.

On the other hand, if you are an avid genealogist and you have collected tons of your family history already.  Then, use the Gold and Platinum Plan to display the results of your work.  In other words, if you have some information listed in bibles, logs, charts, transfer it to the Builder. Also, you may have family history records from sites like Ancestry.   Enter those names, photos, and dates into a Gold or Platinum Plan of the Photo Family Tree Builder.  Furthermore, there may be cases where photographs are unavailable from any source. All you have is the written record of that individual.  That is okay; you enter the persons' information, and if a picture becomes available at a later date, you can insert it.

These two tree plans are flexible and expandable; limited only by your canvas size and imagination.  The Gold and Platinum Plans help you create a large graphical display of extended family members.   They show relationships between mothers, fathers, siblings, siblings’ children, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, and in-laws, etc.  Once completed, other family members will see your instant family heirloom, and want one too.

Conversely, our Photo Family Tree Builder solves the old problems and challenges of templates and charts.  That is, how do you see, share and display the results of your genealogy research?  The Builder provides an extraordinarily attractive solution that is simplistic, artistic and easy to use as opposed to static models.

For instance, some static family tree templates have pictures of trees with predetermined die-cut holes in them for you to place your photographs.  These static forms of photo family trees make family relationships challenging to understand.  Hence, you are no longer limited to building a family tree with a static template that has no particular family arrangements or meaning. In the past, you had no choice but to use standard template charts, such as pedigrees, descendants, hourglass, bow ties, and fans.  Also, you were stuck with using software that produced only Family Tree Charts.  But not anymore.

These family tree making methods are accurate but labor intensive, in term of research, and that's great. However, their output is bulky and hard to display.  On the other hand, our GUI is an alternative way of inputting and interpreting snippets of the same researched information. Therefore, it is also history that’s straightforward.  Furthermore, the GUI produces attractive, eye-catching, blooming tree art output that is easy to exhibit. Last, but not least your lineage is easy to follow too. Remember, "One picture is worth a thousand words."

So, step into the incredible world of virtual family tree building made easy with the Photo Family Tree Builder.  It's easy and fun.   1. Register, and download the Builder.  2. Watch the App Tour Video.  3. BUILD YOUR COPPER TRIAL TREE FOR FREE.


Read what some of our customers had to say about the Family Tree Builder.

Goldie D. Mapp from NC

Retired; housewife and grandmother

“You have made an amazing product. I predict that these family trees will be loved worldwide.  I am not a technical person, but creating my Copper Tree was fun and easy.    This tree is just what I wanted, and the  price was an excellent deal.”

Lisa Velez from FL

Patent Agent; wife and mother

"This program is such an artful customizable tool for consumers.  I can select my tree, leaf, flower and more.  Anyone can use it at his or her home to create a beautiful life-like tree for family members.  A family tree is such a great gift to give any time.  It is such a pleasure to let my creativity flow."


Barbara James from IL

Retired Executive Secretary; housewife

"When I built my first Photo Family Tree, I had fun. Most of all I liked the ability to customize the tree to precisely what I wanted.  The family tree became a piece of art rather than merely a chart.   I will be proud to display the artwork in my home."

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