Platinum Plan

$149.99 for 1 year


All family units



The Platinum Plan is a tremendous value.  It allows you unlimited use of any of the Tree Plans and the Tree Types for a whole year.  You can make any number of family trees in a year’s time, without, paying another tree-building charge.  Make a family tree for different occasions and give them to any family member you desire as gifts.

Give them for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries.  There are no shortages of gift giving occasions.  You can, even,  make a Gold Tree for both sides of your family; maternal and paternal.    Additionally, the Platinum Plan allows you to print your tree at any time and continue to add to it whenever something changes.  Someone gets married, someone has a baby, or someone passes in the family.  You can update the tree on your computer and print the updated version whenever you like.

When you are ready to print your trees, just return to Photo Family Tree for printing services.  However, with each new FedEx Printing request, you will incur another printing charge.

The Platinum Plan is a subscription plan that allows you can build as many Copper, Bronze, Silver, or Gold Trees you wish.  If you purchased each one of these Tree Plans individually, you would spend a total of $200.00.  Furthermore, you would have a choice of only one Tree species: Cherry Blossom, Gardenia, Jacaranda, and so on.  However,  there is no choice to make with the Platinum Plan, for you get all the tree species.  You can make any tree you want without restrictions.

Also, with this subscription, you will be eligible to take advantage of new software features when developed.   You will receive a quarterly newsletter to alert you to updates, new ideas, and featured family trees.”  So, don’t wait, subscribe and download today.  Get our most valuable bundle for an exceptionally reasonable price.