Photo Family Tree LLC. Who We Are


picture of founder of Photo Family Tree LLC.

Alma Boodram, founder of Photo Family Tree LLC.

Alma is retired.  She is the inventor of the Photo Family Tree Builder,  a wife, mother, grandmother, and a great-grandmother who lives in Hudson, Florida.   About three years ago, Alma decided to create the application and establish Photo Family Tree LLC.  Since she had already retired, she had time to follow her passion.  The website and application idea gave her something to look forward to each day.   All of these factors made it an ideal time to pursue the development of the family tree and this website in earnest.

Alma also saw there was considerable interest in providing ways of recording, teaching, and displaying genealogical information.  Many people compile genealogical data and collect pictures to help them fully understand their identity and roots.  It is easy for people to understand relationships of living family members.  On the other hand, it’s hard for them to know the relationship between family members who are deceased.

Consequently, she believes crafting a Photo Family Tree with your children and grandchildren can be a way to create a legacy.  Then, that family tree can be passed down to the next generation as an heirloom. During her research, she found that most methods used today, to display genealogical information are difficult for a layperson to understand.  Also, she found it's hard to tell the differences between relationships in some methods.  You can’t figure out who belongs to whom and some are not visually appealing to display in your home.

As a result, Alma figured out a way for you, to build an attractive family tree, which uses photographs of each of your family members.   If you do not have a photo, it does not stop you from making a family tree.  There is a built-in feature that allows you to represent that family member; living or deceased.  Family's history,  presented with photographs arranged in chronological order according to your family's genealogy.

Upon completing your family tree, it will just be a beautiful display and a conversation piece of art for your home.  Hence, Alma hope you enjoy creating your family tree with the Photo Family Tree Editor by Photo Family Tree LLC.