Our Task

  Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to provide the users with an easy to use tool that assists in creating a unique, one of a kind, Photo Family Tree that is functional and attractive.

The Photo Family Tree gives a clear visual of the relationships and allows the full family story to be told with photographs. It will become a conversational piece after you frame and hang it on your wall for all to see and talk about.

We created this website; because we understand that the family is the primary social unit of society. It is the one place where your life begins and where love knows no bounds. Therefore, learning about your family history is crucial to understanding who you are, your basic humanity and diversity. It aids in keeping memories alive and enables each generation to have an idea of their origin.

Although the Photo Family Tree predecessor was patented 1993; www.photofamilytree.com wasn’t established until May 2015. Additionally, Photo Family Tree Builder Patent Application was submitted in 2015 also.

Here, we will help you create a family history that you and your family will treasure for years to come! And yes, we will make the entire process easy for you. 

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “That’s great, but why should I pick your Services over others?” I’m glad you asked! Here are some reasons why we stand out in the industry:

  • The one-of-its-kind concept of portraying family genealogical history, it’s a patented technology.
  • The software template objects are made up of, seeds, a trunk, and crown of a tree; one or more branches, picture frame of leaves, hearts, and love knots, fruits or flowers and leaves of the tree, thereby emulating a natural tree.
  • The tree’s design is expandable and capable of displaying relationships according to a particular family’s genealogy.  
  • Accommodates the growth of the households, through marriages, separations or divorces, and births.
  • It provides an inconspicuous and clear alternative for a missing picture.
  • Provides a way to use the photos that are readily available whether they are of individuals or couples.
  • The design allows the use of existing photos without requiring new ones.
  • The picture frames and indicia tags contain a place for names and dates that are optionable and educational.

 Let us help you preserve your legacy and share your unique heritage.