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Handcrafted: Our Family History Coffee Table Scrapbook

Handcrafted: Our Family History Coffee Table Scrapbook


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(See an example of how the stickers and photos are used to personalize your legacy book).


Record your family's journey, starting from the present, and pass it down to the next generation to create a legacy.  Your children will love one of these Ninety-nine handcrafted,  one-of-a-kind heritage books.  Uniquely different kinds of family history books.  Each has a front cover, middle and back covers secured with a lock, and a key safeguarding private documents.   A complete scrapbook kit; get yours while they last.

  • A beautiful handcrafted Egyptian polyurethane leather album 

  • 14-page protectors

  • 26 each 12" x12" papyrus graphic designed pages

  • 310 vinyl stickers

  • Two stencils to cut photos to size

  • An Egyptian God ink pen

  • One crane-shaped scissor

  • One mini double-sided tape

Additional substitute pages are available for different family scenarios.  For detail, check out "More Information" below.

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More Information

The legacy book is a physical album, and it includes the following:

  • The album sports six corner protectors to shield your corners 
  • Binding:  three post screws
  • It has three covers:  Front, middle, and back.  The middle and back covers, secured by a lock and key for your private documents
  • 14, top-loading, clear page protectors to protect pages
  • 17 Unique Layouts
  • 26 Brilliant 12" x 12" Pages: Pages
    • One Historian page
    • Eight pages are devoted to the paternal side of the family 
    • Eight pages are dedicated to the maternal side of the family
    • Six pages apply to the nuclear family 
    • Three pages: one page is allocated to military records,  one page is assigned to the Homes you lived in, and one page is allotted to bequeathment, but you can add more.  You decide what.
    • 310 Magnolia, Vinyl stickers.  Package by page number to show where stickers go: Vinyl Stickers
    • One stencil set: Stencils
    • One Egyptian God Ink-Pin: An Ink Pen
    • One Crane multi-colored scissorScissor
    • One mini double-sided tape dispenser: Mini Double-Sided Tape
    • Twelve additional individual substitute pages.  Interchangeable with the main twenty-six pages of the book; available for purchase if needed.
      • Adopted Child
      • Adopted Sibling, Spouse, Children, and Grandchildren  
      • Adopted Sibling, Partner, Children, and Grandchildren
      • Half Sibling
      • Half Siblings, Spouse, Children, and Grandchildren  
      • Half Sibling Child, Partner, Children, and Grandchildren
      • Our Blended Family
      • Partners
      • Siblings, Spouse, Children, and Grandchildren
      • Partner Sibling, Spouse, Children, and GrandchildrenTriplets
      • Twins   
      • Weight: 6 lbs 
  • Material: PU Leather 
  • Free Shipping: (USA)
  • Its creation was a labor of love and a Handmade album; that took one year to bring to life.
  • The front cover features - the" Eye of Horus," which symbolizes protection, power, good health, and restoration, are packaged as a kit.  Everything is included; except your information. 
  • The middle cover honors King Tut, Queen Nefertiti, Iris's goddess.
  • The page arrangements start with pictures and text about the paternal side of the family and move to the maternal side.  Followed by photos and text; regarding your marriage or union, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. 
  • The idea is to start with the current generation and move forward, creating a wonderful heirloom to pass down to future generations.
  • A limited quantity is available now (99 books).  Get yours while they last.

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