Chirps: Website Building Journey, Jumped

bungee jumped onto the website, now what?

Still flying high from the adrenaline rush gotten earlier from bungee jumping 101.  Hooray, Happy New Year!  Finally, 2017, rolled around.  I had to ask myself, so, you bungee jumped onto the website, now what?  In other words, I did not know anything about building a site or building an app before starting out a year and a half ago. All I had was an idea and so far, been poorly treated in some cases by people in this industry.

You bungee jumped into this industry, now what?

Like a gambler, I felt that I was in too deep financially and emotionally to turn around now.  I had to keep trudging along the journey I undertook in 2015.  I still felt excited to get up each morning.  Learn something new, overcome barriers, and motivated by what to do next.   I knew one thing, I was tired of being taken advantage of; thus, this was the impetus that stimulated me to move forward.

By this time, I had learned and decided to break website requirements into two parts.  Give the website development to a Website Designer, and give the application portion to an actual Java software developer.  After all, the duties were two different disciplines.  As I had already experienced, it was highly unlikely for me to find a person with both skill sets.

That last straw broke me from naivety.

Thus, Terry Craddock entered the picture.  He lived in St Augustine, Florida. He had rave reviews on  I called and spoken to him at length, several times before agreeing to work with him.  He quoted me an escrow amount.  I decided to release one-half of the escrow amount immediately, and the other half would stay in escrow until he finished building the website. He gave the money back guarantee; if I was not satisfied with his work.   Guess what folks; over the weekend, he took his upfront half and returned the balance in escrow to me.   He refused to do the job, so he got $900.00 for doing nothing.  That last straw broke me from naivety.  I knew I had to approach this venture differently from here on out. had a program that their recruiters would get the requirements from you, and write a job description for you and assist you in employing the right freelancer for the job.  I took advantage of this service, and my recruiter wrote a job posting “Image Stitching Cross-platform Desktop Java Application With…” I conferred with the recruiter often.  I took my time, indeed interviewed many freelancers, as well as, software companies.  I asked many questions and compared answers.  I sought Java Experts to check the Java code; that would eventually be written.  After several months, I settled on Dmytro Riabko, from Ukraine.  He created the Photo Family Tree Builder that you see today on this website.  Meanwhile, I developed the webpage itself and continued to work on the software Patent. It took about eight months to bring the Java Application to fruition.  In October 2017, when we went our separate ways, both the website and the applications was about 85% to 90% complete.

Add the Patent to the mix

In the midst of all this, I have the added burden of prosecuting the patent while simultaneously, working with Dmytro directing his actions, learning to put together the elements of the website, dealing with the consultant reviewing Dmytro’s work before paying him.

This journey was lonely and arduous.  Sometimes putting in as many as twenty hour days; driven by pure passion; and lack of resources.   I had to research everything and learn by piecemeal and still failed most of the time.  By July 8, 2017, the USPTO had denied my claims in the patent.  I had to get a Patent Agent who took the Patent over the finish line, who was terrific by the way.

Anytime, I tried to talk to my husband, children, or grandchildren; I got a look that said, “OH NO!  NOT THAT FAMILY TREE AGAIN.”  To make matter worst, I hardly left my house.  Furthermore, I had to fund this adventure out of my pension income.  Therefore, going out to spend money was not an option many times.

Why am I divulging sensitive information

I am telling you all of this personal information, to let you people know how demanding a journey like this can be.  Besides that, filing a patent application, building an app and creating a website from scratch is, not for the faint of heart.  Had I known all this before I bungee jumped into the website building journey, I would not have done it.  Also, I wanted to share some of my experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly ones.

Therefore, I am sharing information to encourage.  If you have an idea that you truly believe in, especially an application, and you cannot code yourself.  Know that it will take great effort and stick-to-it-ness your part.  Nope! That word is not in the dictionary.  However, it means that you must hang in there; until the job is done.  Roll up your sleeves and get to work, and dare to hope for a positive outcome.

Regardless, by the end of the last quarter of 2107, the total spent was $16,564.08 on:

  • Freelancer
    • The designer of The Photo Family Tree Builder
    • Quality Control Consultants to approve designer’s for payment
  • Artwork or photographic images
    • images used in websites examples
  • Patent
    • More Fees
    • Patent Agent
  • Trademark
    • Logo
  • Software
    • Annual Subscriptions
    • Website Designer software
    • WordPress Plug-ins
    • Video Maker App
    • Google Apps
  • Music
    • Royalty License
    • Singer for Company Jingle & Arranger
    • Video Editing
    • Videographer combined jingle and graphics to make Company Jingle video
  • Education
    • Books
    • Apps
    • Courses
  • Office Expenses
    • Equipment
    • Postage
    • USPO fees
  • Services Assessments
    • Surveys
    • Focus Groups
  • Domain
    • Hosting
    • Backups



Photo by Quinn Dombrowski