The Download Process and What Comes Next:

To start the download process, click the “Get Started Today” Button.


Once on the Registration Page,  input your username, email address, and a password.  Then click on the 'Registration' Button. (You will need these credential to log in to the app later).



You will need at least 262MB of storage space on your hard drive, and 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM) on your PC or Laptop to run the App.

Click on “Download Photo Family Tree Builder to start the download (It will be a few seconds before the download will appear in the left bottom of the screen.)


Once the download is complete, it will ask you to Save or Run.

  • Click Run
  • Next, a Windows Protected you PC dialog box will appear
  • Click on “More info” on the top left side of the box.
  • It reveals the Software Signing Certificate which assures you the software is safe to download and it comes from us.



Once the Setup.exe finishes

  • Click the newly created Shortcut on your Desktop or click on your Windows’ Menu to open the App.
  • Log into the Builder, with your username, and your password generated on the website.
  • There will be a short delay because the app has to check your credentials against what is on file and then give you access to the App.

Log on to the Builder Page 5.jpg


Your antivirus software might inquire to let the app connect to the internet the first time you use it, click “Allow Always.”

Antivirus Page Picture 6.jpg

Once logged in

  • The Copper Plan’s  Trial Dialog Box will open
  • Select the Continue Trial Button
  • When the next dialog box comes up
    • Using the pull-down arrows to choose your Tree Type, Size, and orientation of your canvas
    • Click the OK button

Start building your first sample Tree

  • Watch the App Tour Video to understand how to use the app
  • Use the Part Palette to select Tree Parts
  • Use the Photo Palette to import family pictures as needed that is, the photos stored on your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and etcetera


The Trial Version has limitations

  • You cannot save your trial or practice tree.  
  • You can create a trial tree as many times as you wish.
  • To end a practice session
    • Click File, Close
    • File Exit.
    • Start a new practice session by clicking File, New for the Navigation Menu.
    • However, you will not incur any charges as long as you use the trial version


Don’t want the App after using the trial version

  • Uninstall the Photo Family Tree Builder, from your PC via your Control Panel.
  • You owe us nothing. Hopefully, you would have had some fun


Want to Buy a Family Tree Plan

  • You click “File, Save as” navigation menu bar
  • The Trial Dialog Box will appear again offering  you two choices:
    • Choice 1, “Saving is not allowed in trial mode.”
    • Choice 2, “All Product” Button in the dialog box
      • You will choose Choice 2
      • A new browser will open displaying all five tree plans and their descriptions for your review
      • Click on your choice of Tree Plan
      • Add it to the Cart when that page comes up
      • Click proceed to Checkout which will take you to PayPal account where you will make payment.
  • After making payment, click “Return to Merchant” button
  • You ’ll be redirected back to the Photo Tree Family Builder App
    • Upon returning the App, a “Saving Svg File” dialog box will be waiting for you
    • Enter the name of your practice Tree and click Save
    • Close that practice Tree file that you just named

Want to start creating your purchase Tree Plan

  • To begin working on your new Tree Plan, you’ve just bought
    • Select File, New from the top navigation menu
  • Your new Tree Plan will open.
  • Choose the tree type from one of the seven different Tree Types, the size, and the canvas orientation.
  • Click the ‘OK’ button, and start building your masterpiece


  • When you want to quit working on your tree
    • Choose File, Save as
    • Named your Tree
  • Click File, Save
  • Close and exit the App until your next session.
  • Open the file, work on it, save it as many times as need and work at your own pace


Click here to Register and Download the App:

Click here, ONLY, to Download the App: