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Bronze Whimsical Frangipani Slim

Bronze Whimsical Frangipani Slim

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You should have a unique way to showcase your family; that's beautiful and majestic.  It should be all about hope, happiness, and love. Hence, the Frangipani Tree's bright blooming flowers keep your loved ones cradled in love and know no bounds in beauty.   Its whimsical version takes that to another level.


What makes the Frangipani so unique?  The branches form a protective ring, just as the way a mother shelters her children.


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Frangipani Family Tree portrait on a 20" x 16" canvas

  • Slim Canvas (2-3 cm (0.8-1.2") thick frame
  • Gallery Canvas (4 cm (1.6") thick frame)

Fit all your immediate loved ones on a tree of choice and display it proudly in their honor!  Place up to 12 photos on the Bronze tree template:

One, the Paternal grandparents' pictures go in the seed frames on the left side, and the maternal grandparents' photos go on the right side, near the tree's root. 

Two,  the heart shaped-frame holds the husband and wife images.   While the Partners,  Unmarried significant other's snapshots go in a Love-knot- frame.  Both the heart and love-knot frames are placed on the tree trunk.

Three, place up to seven children's photos in leaf frames around the tree's crown.  The children's pictures are chronologically placed in the leaf frames from oldest to youngest.  The oldest child's image goes on the left, while the youngest child's picture goes on the right.   The completed Bronze Family Tree shows a three-generation family tree.

Don't worry if your family has more than seven children's photos to display on a Bronze tree.  Reach out to us, tell us how many leaf frames you need to customize your tree, and we'll make it happen for you!  Personalize the Bronze tree within 25 minutes.  Add it to the cart; then, we print it and ship it to you.


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