The Photo Family Tree's Heritage book, for instance, does so much more than display family tree charts and its storytelling and Genealogy in Picture Format.  It also reveals a genealogy and helps tell a story better in an attractive way by using your beautiful pictures.

A Custom Work of Art; Story and Genealogy Now in Picture Format

The Photo Family Tree Heritage Coffeetable book is something most people will feel proud to have in their homes.  The Photo Family, Tree Heritage book is a DIY tool.  Using pictures, a tool that allows users to create custom family tree templates in three sections: the paternal, maternal, and nuclear family.

One picture speaks a thousand words, goes a famous saying. Since everyone has a story to tell, the Photo Family Tree heritage scrapbook presents the perfect format.  The format will preserve your family's account of their story; Once completed, display it on your coffee table; it becomes a conversation piece at that point. 

The coffee table book will allow users to compile their special memories through photos, letters, or newspaper articles. You can then add some captions (if you want to) and texts to record the story of your life. Why not create a legacy for your unborn grandchildren. You can also add birth and marriage certificates, DD 214. in the appendix, with a lock and key.  It is a book within a book that holds the story of you, your spouse, children, and grandchildren when you become the ancestor.   Look inside  


While it is undoubtedly true, every one of us has a unique Family story.   The next question should be as Tyler Stahle, on Jul 10, 2017, RootsTech article wrote. "How many of us are working on recording their story?   With our busy daily lifestyle, it is quite challenging to find the perfect time to achieve that. Furthermore, it can be challenging to find the time to record the stories of our life;" hindered by family responsibilities with other essential activities and assignments make it difficult. Community involvement and dozens of other worthwhile events occupy our time.

Modern Technology helps preserve your story.

However, thanks to technology, the Photo Family Tree Heritage Book is a tool that can help protect and tell your own story in picture format. Moreover, these sorts of stories bind us together and make family history come alive.

According to Lisa Alzo in her 2017 RootsTech presentation, objectively stated. "Storytelling is an important aspect of family history." She went on to say that it preserves the past and binds the generations together.  These fantastic storytelling tools make it easier than ever for anyone to capture those memories and remarkable stories.

StoryBooth, the Most Fun Storytelling app

For example, there are all kinds of storytelling tools and apps on the market today. They allow you to record stories and upload them to the website.  Then,  you can add photos and other documents. You are also able to record your accounts on various social media platforms.  Here are the names of a few interactive family tree-type Apps in the marketplace. They are Story Corp, Saving Memories Forever, StoryWorth, Treelines, History Lines, Twile, and Family Search Memories.

Story Corp,



 History Lines,


Family Search Memories,

However, the funniest App I have seen is Storybooth.  It is a storytelling platform where you tell your story on their website or mobile App; then submit it to Storybooth.  They listen and perhaps,  choose yours.  If they select your story, they might produce it, animate it and share it with the world.    This video is too cute.  The video is about two 13-year-old who had a Dating App Disaster.  It has a nice moral of the story for kids.


The Photo Family Tree App is in the process of being upgraded, and when finished, we will announce the date of the relaunch. The PhotoFamilyTreeBuilder is an interactive app that displays four or more generations of family members' picture formats.  It preserves the facial features of your ancestors.  Experience the enjoyment of showing off your genealogy.  Make a family tree wall art.   The poster will be printed and produced in stunning full color.  You can even use that same family tree image for your next family reunion and put the picture on a T-Shirt.  Afterward, share your work with your relatives, friends, and neighbors in a way that brings excitement.

Remember, there is a better alternative format apart from making use of charts.  That involves using the Photo Family Tree Coffee Table Scrapbook, Tree Templates for now. All show a different kind of output, using the same information entered in a pedigree chart. 



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