First, let me give you some exciting news about the future relaunch of our patented PhotoFamilyBuilder, which will be coming soon. For those who are not familiar with version one, version two will be awesome!

Photo Family Tree Builder; An easy way to create a family tree

Are you looking for an easy way to create a family tree?  If so, then Look no further! PhotoFamilyTreeBuilder is the perfect app for you! PhotoFamilyTreeBuilder is undergoing a needed upgrade.  When relaunched soon, it will be a new and much-improved genealogy software program. It will be intuitive, easier to use, has no learning curve, is affordable, fun to share with your family members, and you customize it with your photos in an organized way.  This new program makes creating a family tree simple!

Below are some of the fantastic features of version one and version two offers:

  • It helps bring history back to life

The Photo Family Tree Design tool is a historical landmark that brings the past alive. With it, you can map your ancestors and boost kids' knowledge about their great-grandparents or other relatives they have never met!

  • It is flexible

The latest version of PhotoFamilyTreeBuilder is a powerful photo editing tool that makes it easy to create family trees using your photos. It's got all the features you want, like a wide variety of leaf frames and backgrounds, so you can customize your Tree as much as you want. And with this new update, we've made sure everyone will understand where they fit in on their family tree by displaying relatives chronologically within each frame. Sign up for our newsletter if you want updates about when the relaunch occurs!

  • It is expandable

The Builder's design accommodates the growth and life event of your family.

  • It's practical

The PhotoFamilyTreeBuilder makes it easy to create a family tree with your photos, and you don't need any special knowledge or skills. You can make use of the photographs you already have, regardless of whether they be for couples or individuals, and the built-in cropping tool is convenient. If you don't have a picture of a relative or family member, plenty of placeholders are available that will work just as well.

  • It is universally appealing.

The software allows you to save and print your Tree after completing it. The mounted printing surfaces ensure the best possible outcome every time! Your Tree printed on canvas; Slim or Gallery Wrap.

  • It produces a very eye-appealing composition.

The Family Tree Builder is an easy-to-use, user-friendly designer tool that allows you to design and publish your family tree. It's perfect for anyone looking for a fun way of remembering all the people in their lives or getting started with genealogical research!

Photo Family Tree Builder, designed with various unique tools, will help you show who cousin Bunny belongs; here's the perfect way to use your family tree skills! ,  You should give it a try when available--you'll be glad you did!

PhotoFamilyTreeBuilder is a unique and efficient family tree builder that allows you to create your very own, personalized family tree. Unlike some other online tools out there, which only allow for couples or individuals as subjects, the software lets you use any picture you've already possess of those who are family members you want to include. It also has an inbuilt cropping tool so that capturing someone's face can be done quickly and easily. If all else fails, we even have placeholders available if no photo exists! Sign up below to receive updates on when our next launch will happen - we promise it won't disappoint!

Secondly, now that we have shamelessly self-promoted the Builder,  we will tell you about the Importance of Creating a Family Tree.  According to Top 10 Reviewer,  creating a Family Tree is a record showing your family's lineage in a simple term.    Similarly, many people think and espouse the importance of building a family tree.   These trees are the most common form of visual documentation of one's ancestry. They are exciting bits of recorded history that could be very helpful in helping you know where you came from, and in most cases, give insight into your future.

Family trees have lots of vital importance, even more than what you might think of them.  Disease, disaster, or war has sometimes altered or changed Established lineage.  Sometimes, circumstances and name variations have influenced inheritance.   Family trees help to secure rights to property or the right of succession. They also are vital to disproving or proving essential questions of law. For instance, let's consider all of the families of World War II separated during that time. 

 Family Trees and Science

Family trees have also been a beneficial tool for medical professionals to answer some questions. As genetics get more sophisticated in our world today, epidemiologists, researchers, and scientists of all kinds have recorded some success with the use of family trees when it comes to curing some diseases.

Have you ever wondered if you have a genetic disease or desired to know your chance of passing a particular illness to your children?  Creating a family tree may be all you need. For instance, if your family or your spouse carries a gene for fibrosis.  You might want to know if the disease has passed on to your children?  You can quickly make important decisions when you know what medical problems are present in your family tree.

How Do Family Trees Work?

You can construct a family tree in many ways. You decide to trace a male line or a surname from the present time to as far back as possible.  Also, you choose to make a family history that extends outward like a giant tree.   Beginning with your parents and include your aunts, cousins, uncles, and grandparents as far back as you can add to the canvas.

However, some beautiful tools can help you create that kind of family tree electronically, making the whole process a lot easier and faster. An excellent example of such is the Photo Family Tree Builder, which I will also be sharing a few things about before I end this article.

Importance Of Creating A Family Tree?

Apart from helping to resolve inheritance rights or taking care of a genetic disease in a family;   there could also be some more benefits embedded in creating a family tree, especially for your kids, the importance of building a family tree can be:

#1: It can be of great help to your kids in school

Creating a family tree may not necessarily be just about your family, and it can also be of great help to your kids when they are studying history in school. Everyone knows how difficult it could be to keep family names together when looking at an era. Creating a family tree can help your kids put things in the right perspective and make learning more natural for them.

#2: Kids become more interested in their background

Kids tend to understand more about who they are when they learn about their family tree. They became aware that their freckles and red hair go back to great-great-grandfather Jack. Alternatively, perhaps, your son is the only skinny person in the family – but so was great-great-great-grandfather Smith. Now they are not alone.

#3: An adopted child can be introduced into the family by a family tree

An adopted person getting to meet many relatives for the first time can indeed be overwhelming to a child. It becomes challenging to keep names together. Was aunt pearl the mom of bill? Was it aunt Ella or aunt Susie that got married to Uncle Bob? Other essential info like birthdays and everyone's name was added too.  It becomes much more straightforward for anyone to keep track of their new family—another reason for showing the importance of creating a family tree.

#4: It can promote self-confidence

When a child learns about their history, it could make a massive difference in their life. A child who doesn't like their red hair, for instance, may start appreciating it if they find out it all goes back 4 or 5 generations.  Learning this information, in turn, could enhance the self-confidence of such a child. Who wouldn't feel proud to know that their ancestor invented a technology?  Do you agree?



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