I am sure that you might have created a family tree at least once during your school days. Those activities to create boards or scrapbooks were indeed a fun experience.

But growing up, we realized that knowing about generations of family members is not just about finding out who is related to whom. It also helps to know your family story better.

And the availability of online family tree photo templates has made it easier to include and preserve family history. But what if you want something that you can customize as per your family requirements? That is what we are going to talk about in this blog.

We have included everything from difficulty in using ready-made templates and how you can overcome that challenge with customizable tree templates.

Ready-to-Use Tree Templates and Challenges Associated with Them

Family tree templates are the best way to document your family history with the help of pictures. Most of these templates available online are easy to use with no learning curve. Here's how they work - browse through different styles and select one that matches your needs. And start adding information.

Have a look at the image below of the ancestor chart. A Photo Ancestry chart is a family tree picture template that displays ancestors whose DNA a person inherits. It usually begins from the bottom with the pro-band; leading upwards are their parents, grandparents, etc.  A pro-band is the first person in a family to receive genetic counseling and or testing for suspected genetic risk.   Leading upwards are their parents, grandparents, etc. 


Now let's see the Photo Family Tree template, an alternative to a ready-made chart.



You can see the left seed frames at the bottom of the tree.  They receive photos of the husband's father and mother. The seed frames on the right side of the tree get the wife's mother and father's photos. The married couple's image goes in the heart frame, placed on the tree's trunk. Pictures of children then go into the leaf frames at the crown of the tree.

This way, you upload images into the beautifully designed template in an organized chronological way.  When finished, click Print.  Conveniently delivered to your door, ready to hang, is your photo family tree on canvas.

Try a beautiful alternative to a ready-to-use family tree chart with us. Let's get in touch! Now, let's find out more about the challenges in using ready-made templates and how you can overcome them.

Challenges in Using Family Tree Picture Template

Templates are easy-to-use, cost-effective, and come with an abundance of choices. However, they lack customization. If you want to add a more custom feel to your template, you might not have that liberty. For instance, a nondescript tree template might not give you the scope to include details, utilizing standard square or circle format for pictures - you cannot add a personal touch?

Well, another photo family tree template is available now, and you can have something a little more customizable and out of the ordinary.

What is it? It is a photo family tree template by Photo Family Tree.

Our templates, on the other hand, are a great way to create customized and eye-catching displays. With our family tree templates, you can build a tree for two-family structures. For instance, we have templates for nuclear family photos and templates that include grandparents on both sides. Here are some more benefits you enjoy with our family tree templates.

  • Easy Way of Creating a two and three-generational Family Tree - Building a family tree has never been easier. With our easy-to-use templates, you can customize your family tree by uploading pictures and writing names and dates on the name tags provided.
  • Flexibility – The Copper tree is a vertical illustration of a two-generation family tree template. In contrast, the Bronze tree is horizontal and features three-generation family tree templates.  
  • Tree Species – Five Realistics and three Whimsical tree templates.  Each tree species come with a predefined background and child frames; positioned around the tree's crown. The children's photos are placed in the leaf frames, in chronological order, from left to right.  For example, if you have one child, you will choose a tree with a one-child leaf frame; for up to seven children.
  • Sizes - we have one canvas size 16" x 20". 
  • Let us go a step further and briefly show you how you can make a family tree template.

How to Use a Family Tree Templates with Photos

To begin, the first thing you need to do is to upload the images from your device. As you can see in the below image, you get an easy drag and drop option to choose a file. Once you have all the photos here, you can easily add them to the frame.



I have chosen a family tree photo template with two children, a married couple at the center, and grandparents on either side. Since it's a married couple, I chose a template with a heart as it symbolizes a marital union. As per your requirement, you can select one from a variety of templates. For instance, if you want to make a family tree representing single or unmarried ones, you can go with the love-knot, a four-sided symbol.



As mentioned above, we offer two categories of tree templates - whimsical and realistic. The one you see in the picture is whimsical, and we even have a realistic type with an autumn theme.

The software is easy to use, and you get enough space to design and add elements without any hurdles. The tree template comes in with zoom-in capabilities that give you a clear view of your creation.

The next step is to add photos in family tree templates. See the three pictures imported into the photo palette screen below.



In this case, we put Mom and Dad's picture in a heart frame and located it at the center of the tree. Followed by placing the children's photos in chronological order; a daughter on the left and a son on the right side.



Next, you would want to add details like names or birth dates on the family tree template. You can do so with the help of the plain text feature. Once you type text there, the tool adds it to the family tree. You can then adjust the place and size of the name tags as per your need.



You can even change the background for the nametags. For instance, I changed cream-colored name tags from previous images to a shade of purple.



This way, you can customize family tree templates with photos. Once you finish creating your tree, you can save your design, print it, or both.  Click Print, and it is as simple as that!

Over to You

Building a family tree using photo family tree templates is easy. The ready-to-use templates available online are undoubtedly reliable, but if you're looking for something customizable, you have come to the right place. You can design a family tree, get it printed, and share it with others.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!


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