“A people without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.”



—Marcus Garvey


Knowing and preserving your family history has a direct influence on your family and generations to come. It helps develop a more robust understanding of who you are and from where you come.

A family tree representing various relationships lets you track your roots and be familiar with distant ancestors. For instance, little Anna, who has constantly been asking why her hair is blond, can now know it goes back to her great-grandmother.

Knowing some of your great-grandmother's features is one of the many advantages of having a family tree. This post will talk about the benefits of making a family tree and how you can build one.

Family Tree: Why You Should Have Your Own

Fаmіlу tree іѕ bаѕісаllу a сhаrt thаt rерrеѕеnts family members, and how they are associated with one another. It not only helps identify people but also establishes deep connections. Here are some reasons why knowing family legacy is essential:


1. Helps in Forming Better Connections

Connection is a core human need. When we feel connected, we experience oneness in the best possible way. Genuine connections can heal traumas of everyday loneliness and result in a happy and more fulfilled life.

The more we dig into our family history, the greater we feel connected with our ancestors. We better understand relationships, and this increases the bond with distant relatives.

Not just that, this whole process of researching genealogy can bring siblings, children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews together, and that will open doors for better communication and strengthen family ties.

This connection will further contribute to happiness and a greater degree of psychological and emotional support.

Building a family tree makes it easier to identify your family members and get to know them. We offer users an easy-to-use designer tool that enables them to create a family tree photo with the help of various templates.

For instance, below is an image of a family tree template by Photo Family Tree. It includes parents at the center and four siblings. The four-sided photo frame called the love knot that you see in the middle represents partners, unmarried or single parents. You can choose from various other templates that fit your family. We will talk about it at length in the latter part.



2. Establish a Sense of Identity

Having a clear idea of where we come from directly impacts how we perceive ourselves. According to family narrative researcher Robyn Fivush, family stories play a significant role in shaping our identities.

Robyn and her team researched, where they asked adolescents to narrate stories about their parent's childhood. The team found that these adults who knew these types of stories showed higher self-esteem and resilience.

After telling a story about their mother standing up to a bully, one participant ended by saying, "So that's why I always speak up for myself. Because she (my mother) was so brave to do that."

This way, by knowing family stories, we relate with our ancestors and establish our narratives about our unique identity.

3. Deeper Understanding of Culture, Traditions, and Values

Alex told his eight-year-old daughter, "I was about to enter inside the gates of my school when I saw a little boy. He looked at me, hoping I had something to curb his hunger. I thought of my great-grandpa, who always said, 'No act of kindness gets wasted.' I, without a second thought, gave my favorite peanut butter sandwiches to that kid, and nothing made me happier."

The daughter then learns that the act of giving is what her family has always valued. A family tree by documenting events and cultural information helps connect with ancient traditions, morals, legends, myths, and more.

Whether it's a special ritual that you follow on Thanksgiving or passed-down family recipes, you get to embrace a lot of information.

At Photo Family Tree, we are on a mission to help you create a family legacy by making your family trees. With our designer tool, you can create two, and three-generation family trees with photos of different tree templates.  Or, you even make an entire scrapbook documenting your family history.

Curious to know more about how you can make a family tree? Let's get in touch.

Family Tree Templates: A Quicker Way to Create Family Trees


When we say that making a family tree is easy, we mean it. Our design of the family tree templates makes it easy to create a family tree.

With our online two and three-generations tree designer tool, you can build your tree with all your nuclear family members' photos.

Once you start, you are presented with a screen below with the canvas at the center. What I have chosen is a family tree with seven children and ten name tags. You can even choose a variety of templates that fits your family's makeup, as shown on the left side of the image.



As mentioned earlier, the four-sided symbol characterizes an unwedded or partner relationship. However, if you wish to have a tree that stands for a married relationship, you can go with the heart-shaped symbol like the image below.


Using the upload pictures feature, you can import and store pictures to add to your family tree. You can do so with an easy drag and drop option, and once you have all the images in the tool, you can add them to your template.



Did you not like the red background of the name tags? Well, you can change that too! Choose from an array of background options, and it gets updated on the frame. As you can see below, I changed the background image to blue using a Summer Morning background image option.




Using the Plain text feature, you can enter details of your family members like name and birth date. In addition, the parent's pictures go at the center of the tree trunk, while children's images go the leaf frames chronologically placed. Last, the paternal grandparents' pictures go in the left seed frame, and the maternal grandparents' go in the seed frame on the right.



What a fun and engaging way of building your family tree! Before you move ahead with printing the tree, you can use the preview option to see how it looks - and this will give you a clear idea of how the image might look and empower your decision-making about the photos used.


Start telling your family stories with a photo family tree template.



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Why Use Photo Family Tree for Making Your Family Tree Template?

We aim to provide you with a solution that is simple yet attractive. Therefore, the static family tree templates have predetermined holes in them where you can place pictures.

You can choose a tree species; beautifully designed to look more like an actual tree. You can even use images of family members, as in the old-time pedigree charts used by genealogists with a new twist.

  • Easy-to-Use - flexibility and usability are at the core of our online family tree designer tool.
  • Easy Print and Shipping Option -After building your family tree template, you might want more than one hard copy of it.  Perhaps you desire duplicates for other family members - we print your order too.

Wrapping Up

People realize later that they could have known more about their ancestors, such as how they looked or the traditions.  You can memorialize your immediate family members using templates from our designer tool.

The coming generation will have a legacy to be proud of; they will have a concrete memento of from whom they come.

Photo Family Tree aims to help you create legacies one at a time for your children and grandchildren. It's super fun to tell your family story with photos.  Let's get started. 



Feel free to contact us with your idea for a Tree Template.