Martin Hadis, Researcher, Professor, and Writer in his 'From Generation to Generation: Family stories, computers, and genealogy' (an unpublished thesis), says that learning from one's family history bestows the benefit of identity and guidance upon the audience.

Family history gives a better understanding of self, which influences our choices based on our ancestors' knowledge. This knowledge then leads to self-understanding and self-confidence.

Moreover, by explaining the wisdom and follies of our ancestors, genealogy guides us in making significant decisions in life.

Because of all these advantages, people continuously look for ways to map their genealogy. Luckily, various online tools like ready-made family tree templates, online tree maker software, etc., are helpful.

One such tool is a product designer tool that can be a great way to document your family story. Keep reading to learn more. But first. Let's see some challenges that people face when using the traditional methods of building a family tree.

Challenges in Making a Family Tree the Traditional Way

One of the most common ways of documenting your ancestry is by using the printable blank family tree chart. Most of these charts include one box for each person and those boxes are connected to other family members. In every box, you can have details like birth date, birthplace, death information, etc.

You can download these templates for free or pay a minimum price and start your family history journey.

The below image is of a three-generation family tree chart. You enter the name of the root person at the base of the tree, parents in the upper part of the trunk, and grandparents and great grandparents.



Indeed, an effortless way. But the only thing is that it lacks customization, and you would want that perfectly fits your requirements.



Our designer tool makes creating a family tree template easier and precisely the way you want. You can choose from an array of templates that match your family. For instance, you can use the Bronze tree template to display photos of a nuclear family and grandparents. The bronze tree template includes a couple, their children, and paternal and maternal grandparents.

On the other hand, you can use our Copper tree template if you want to build a two-generation tree template (just a couple and children). Once you finish designing, you can print it and hang it anywhere in your house.

Benefits of Product Designer Tool

Photo Family Tree's product designer tool allows you to design four products - a family tree template, a scrapbook, a photo book, personalized clothing, and more.

Let's now see how you can display your immediate family history using templates and scrapbooks by Photo Family Tree.

To personalize a family tree template, you need to first choose a template as per your requirement. We offer two main types of templates: one with a whimsical theme and a realistic type tree.

If you want to build a family tree that includes a married couple and their children, you can choose a template with the heart shape since it indicates union.



On the other hand, if you want a tree that shows single, unmarried, or partner parents, you can choose a four-sided love knot.



In addition to the tree template discussed above, the Scrapbook is a fun way to document your entire family history, including husband and wife's genealogy, heirlooms, military records, and more in one place. Our Family History Theme Egyptian Pages start with 17 pages that you personalize with the help of your product designer tool. You can add or delete desired pages as needed for the husband and the wife's siblings' pages. Additionally, you can easily add images and text to each page. We even have other types of scrapbooks like road trip scrapbooks, life, and selfie.



Following are some benefits of using a product designer tool. 

1. Easy to Use

We understand that gathering all the information and building a family tree is a difficult task. Hence, we do not want our users to get stuck with technical difficulties. We have made our designer tool so that it is effortless even for a technically unskilled person.



As you can see, there is enough space on the canvas to design your Template. Using zoom, you can get a clear view of what you are creating. No shortage of easily identifiable symbols that guides you in choosing the features you want to use. The tool also has a preview option to get an idea and make sure that your design is error-free before you print it.

2. Add Photos of Your Liking

You can either choose a file or drag and drop images from your computer, social media accounts, etc., that you want to add to your design using the upload feature. Then, all you need to do is select pictures one by one and adjust them inside the seed frames, hearts or love knots, and leaves.



3. Save to Continue Your Design

You have spent a considerable amount of time putting up pictures, adding text, and designing your family tree. If you can not complete the design, you would later want to begin from where you left. Hence, for convenience, we have a save option that lets you keep all your creations.


4. Easy Way to Add text

Once you upload images and add them to a template or scrapbook, it’s time to add text to your design. The design feature is simple. Once you click on the plain text icon, you will see a pop-up. After you enter text, a little text box will appear on your design. You can scale or move it as per your requirement.



For the heritage scrapbook, Our Family History, the text feature works similarly. The only thing is it has predetermined spaces where you can quickly fill in the details throughout the heritage scrapbook. Also, you can add photos and stickers and print the pages; then, after you receive them, you can fill in the details by hand at your leisure.



Discover Your Family History with Photo Family Tree

There is no doubt that knowing your family history is beneficial in many ways. It brings you a sense of pride, helps understand relationships, deepens family bonds, and more.

At Photo Family Tree, we are on a mission to provide a tool that enables you to create a beautiful family tree. You can now design your family tree using family tree templates by Photo Family Tree. A family tree template can be as simple as two generations - you and your children, and our Copper Tree Template perfectly fits that build.

On the other hand, you can use the three-generation Template - the Bronze Family Tree. It allows you to include: paternal and maternal grandparents, your spouse or significant other, and your children. With our Scrapbook, you can document your family history, including husband and wife's genealogy.

Design a family tree and share it with others too. Let's get in touch to build a beautiful family tree that you and your family will love.



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