Chirps: Photo Family Tree’s Journey -Idea or Thought


First of all,  I regularly get this question, “How did the Photo Family Tree’s Journey -Idea or Thought begin?  Well, the -idea’s conception came nearly three and a half years ago, in April 2015.  When a Neptune Cremation Society Sales’ Representative came to my home to discuss Cremation, of all things.  After all, I was 67 years old at that time, and many ladies who lived on my street were dropping like flies.  Even, my best friend, Sue Hick lived on my street a few blocks west.  She died of Lung cancer in 2013.    Therefore, I thought it was about time to put my affairs in order before the boogie man came for me too.  After seeing what Sue’s family went through, I did not want my two girls to endure the stress of making those final decisions and arrangements for me.

Moreover, the sales lady was a  personable middle-aged woman, and we built an excellent, cordial relationship. The many questions I had forced her to return a few times before I finally decided to go with her company.  My husband took notice and made his final arrangement too.

Also, on her last visit, after completing our crematory business, we sat chit-chatting a bit.  As the conversation bantered back and forth, I told her that the United States Patent and Trademark Office had granted me back in 1993, but I never did anything with it.  Additionally, I’d made improvements to it and had built a prototype of it, way back in 2000.  Furthermore, the patent had collected cobwebs. Moreover, I had done nothing with it.  She then asked why?   I had to continue to work to support my bad habits which were eating and paying my bills, I quipped.

The -Idea or Thought; I felt the Journey was Going to be Easy, Not!

As a result, Carolyn asked to see the prototype.  After I  showed it to her, she proclaimed that she wanted one.  Carolyn invited me to make her one.  That is until she heard the price.   She never contacted me again after that day.  However, her enthusiasm for the -idea planted the seed within me.  I asked myself,  “Why can’t I create a way for people to make a Photo Family Tree themselves?” Behold, this was my aha moment.   The of conception for creating both: the Photo Family Tree Builder (software) and the website.  April 16, 2015, was where the Photo Family Tree’s Journey-Idea began.  

Consequently, I thought building software and the website was going to smooth,  Not!  The reader will discover that the journey has been anything but easy.  I did not have a clue as to how difficult this undertaking would be.   The trip has been full of pitfalls, mishaps, due to the inexperience on my part.  Nothing about this journey has been smooth.

Therefore, as I recount; the Photo Family Tree’s journey of building the software and this website, through the following series of posts.  I aim to give my perspective to fellow application creators, or website builders; information about my adventure that will be informative and useful to them.

Cheers, until the next installment.

 Photo by Chris Vreeland