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About Us


Photographs are a unique way to preserve memories.  Today, family trees, scrapbooking, photo books, and digital albums use photographs in many ways.

For many families, photographs have become an invaluable part of their heritage. As people grow older or pass away, the pictures they take may not survive for future generations to enjoy.  

Our mission is simple: to help individuals take steps now to preserve and create legacies through photography. We aspire to have families work together towards a common goal: preserving family history's past, present, and future with photographs.


Memories do not last forever.  Memories fade either with time or memory lapses due to an illness.  As a result, precious memories of loved ones and family events get lost in the shuffle of life. To help individuals keep their family memories alive, Photo Family Tree has assembled some methods to assist—one, providing ways to record living relatives' stories now.   Two, documenting family stories assures the next generations feel connected and knowledgeable about their past. Three, Photo Family Tree offers various customizable products to help one write it down or display it.  Products like Digital, Family History Scrapbook Pages, Digital Scrapbooks, Family Tree Templates, Photo Books, Custom Fine Art Photo Frames, Family History Heritage Book Kit, and Gifts to personalize for oneself and others. 

Undoubtedly, family bonds are essential, and who understands it better than Great-Grandma Alma, the founder.  She adores spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and she values the joy they bring to her life.  Yet, at family gatherings, family history is not a subject that comes up often.  Only one of her grandchildren has expressed an interest in their family history.  Regrettably, if the rest do become curious about their genealogy later, it may be too late.  By that time, Alma may be deceased or have forgotten real stories to pass on.

Alma is not alone. Every family is unique, and some have fascinating memoirs to pass on to the younger generations. However, life gets in the way, and the stories die with the older people.  Realizing the need to display or write family history down; the idea turned into a personal project and a passion for Grandma Alma. Thus, Photo Family Tree was born.


Integrity, own your responsibilities, and if you tell someone something, keep your word.  And to provide innovative, legacy-handcrafted products. Each is practical, easy to customize, and fun to use.


The Golden Rule

Treat others as you would of them treat you.  Tell the truth, for far too many people lie, cheat, and steal to get ahead. In the end, what does it matter if you gain wealth and power but lose your core values?


Founder, manager, and engine 


Alma Boodram is known among her friends and family for her many projects. Photo Family Tree was a hobby idea that turned into a passion and then a business.   

As a solo entrepreneur since 2015? Alma has been an unstoppable force, tirelessly working to achieve success. Influenced by words of the The Little Engine That Could; in a timeless children's classic book.  Thomas said, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... !"

Despite Thomas' size and obstacles in his way, he trimphantly pulls a train full of beautiful things to the children waiting on the other side of the mountain. Thereby accomplishing his goal.

The moral of the story; one can overcome challenges to achieve success despite age or disability if one believes! Alma believes; even at the age of 75, we all face obstacles, but we can't let that stop us.  Success might be just around the corner.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-amLWz_Sr5Y 



However, Grandma Alma had help bringing the website to fruition from a company and technical partner in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Biztechcs/Brush Your Ideas, and its employees.